Empowered Body 

Empowerment comes from deep within. When the mind takes hold, the 
 body performs like a song



Encompassing the holistic teaching methods we use, to attain professional excellence.


Empowered Body can help you find where your Empowerment comes from. Through education in the Performing Arts and Nutrition we are bringing to the forefront the amazing works that the body can create, and what a work of art it truly is in many ways!


We believe through integrating fitness, proper nutrition and exercise, we can achieve many things.  Respectively, health and well being.  

We have outreach programs to help our youth conquer their sensitivities, find their passion and excel at everything life can give them.  They are the future, lets get them out of the house off the electronic devices and introduce them to a life of live thrill seeking opportunities...keeping them out of trouble teaching them the tools they will need to succeed.  Responsibility, dedication, passion for their interests, how to care for their bodies, how to take charge of themselves their health and their lives.  

Working through our Musical Theater program, we show our youth and adults how to make their bodies stronger and healthier. Staying at the top of  your game is an essential component to living an injury free life, so we have incorporated injury prevention, stretching, balance work through dance.We also offer Zumba Fitness, NIA, Doonya (The Bollywood Workout), Voice, Acting and Movement classes in Tap Jazz and Ballet, all based in the classical study.  

Getting married? Know someone who is? Let us choreograph and teach you your first dance...no awkward moment there! We will put your story to music and you will glide across the floor, all of your guests will be entertained and surprised by your talent!

Of course none of this comes without a price.  Hard work and dedication can be the biggest hurdle many of us face.  Commitment  is definitely a must for our patrons to make the desired changes in order to become successful in every area of their lives.  Changing the culture one dance at a time!   Contact us today for a schedule of events, workshops and productions happening now.  This evolving company has a lot of things to offer that are still up and coming.

Upcoming Events

These talented kids are always out and about supporting the community whenever they can. 

 9/8 Welcome back night! A chance to hang out with your dance family, have some good food and talk it our all about summer vacation! 6-9 Karaoke for students and families, should they want to stick around for the festivities! 

9/13 First day of classes! How exciting!!!! Tell your friends, bring them along! Christmas is on its way!!!!

Join the weight loss support group we have forming. In conjunction with NIA, Doonya and now Chair Yoga as well as YOGA, we will be discussing the importance of a healthy eating lifestyle.  There is support out there, and we will partner with anyone who has the desire to change their health through nutrition.  Program for Weight loss will start in September, please contact the studio for further information.  Look or guest speakers also! Feel healthier, move easier, look great. Check out our Premium Nutritional Products in partnership with Le-Vel at https://empoweredthrive.le-vel.com


Also, adults who are interested in non performance or performance dance we are starting classes this September.  Join us, its great for the body and better for the mind!

  Ballroom 1 class forming, must sign up via fb messanger or by calling us...spend the money on you to enjoy a night out in a fun learning environment.  7 classes in all, 125.00/couple. Great night out together, watch for the Nightcap class too! Unwind after a stressful day in the office.

Look for us around town during festivities, you never know where we will be dancing!