Empowered Body 

Empowerment comes from deep within. When the mind takes hold, the 
 body performs like a song

Holistic Professional Performance Studio/School

Musical Theater, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Ballroom. Voice and Acting.  We offer the CLASSICS.  This is where it all starts, needs to be remembered and will continue to influence all of the future styles, genres and dance formats.  

It is our strong belief that many of the classical styles of dance are being forgotten, and left out of especially competition dance.  Replaced with tricks, leaps and turns, the connecting steps and style are missing.  

Therefore we have made it our business to focus on the classical style of all types of dance, the BASICS, in all levels, but lets reign it in, focus on the classic technique, and move forward into other styles from there, as needed for choreography.  

Even the professional returns to the beginning, to re work the body once a new combination has been learned, or a new style has been embarked on.  Why?  To work that new piece finding how it all fits together within and out of the body, new muscles working to form this new work, without injury, slowly, with intention. 

We work at the professional level, because the teachers are professionals, we can take a student and make them into a professional throughout the education here, and we can take a professional and polish their craft, with a trained eye, ear and heart, this is our calling. 

We also believe that every performer and person is a whole being, therefore we work with that theory.   They are guided as an individual and taught to be so.  We teach good healthy eating to fuel the machine that drives their craft.  Injury prevention and any other topic that the individual needs to address to be comfortable in their own skin, so that we can make them be OUTSTANDING.