Empowered Body 

Empowerment comes from deep within. When the mind takes hold, the 
 body performs like a song

Musical Theater

Dance, act and sing.  Seems simple enough, right? Maybe for some, maybe not for many. Can you attain your dream of becoming a performer on a live stage in a Musical?  We believe if the talent exists and the passion lives inside of you, you certainly can.  3 areas of the performance can make a triple threat, something many directors and producers like.  Do not take that lightly, and think that the competition is easy, because it is not.  However, we can help you get there, in whatever play, production or musical you are preparing for.  

All ages and abilities are welcome, we will sit down and get to know what outcomes you desire from us.  Then we will develop a plan for you and help you get there. Pre professionals, you would join the Makers class.  Beginners? Enroll in the school, there is a lot to learn and a lot of fun to be had while doing the learning! 

We also teach the fundamentals to our students, if they desire all 3.  From the youngest to the young at heart, no one is excluded, because we believe  everyone has a dream that they wish to develop, so...why not?